Getting Hired For A Teaching Job

Getting Hired For A Teaching Job

22 Video Short Tips

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Here is a quick breakdown of all 22 videos:


Your Resume:

Video 1 Really Stupid Resume Mistakes And How To Fix Them

Video 2 Keywords to Include in a Killer Teaching Resume

Video 3 Don’t Let Them Junk Your Resume Avoid These Mistakes

Video 4 Adding ALL The Details In A Short Resume How To Do It

Video 5 Adding Supporting Documents To Your Resume While Applying Here’s How


Education/ Job Search:

Video 6 Your Dream Teaching Job Is Not Too Far Away

Video 7 Still Looking For A Teaching Job Follow This Checklist

Video 8 Teaching In A Community College Can Be A Great Option

Video 9 Teachers Have It All Here Is How To Utilize It

Video 10 Being A Business Leader Yes Teachers Can Be Great Entrepreneurs



Video 11 How To Prepare For Your Teacher Interview

Video 12 Top 15 Questions They Ask in a Teaching Interview

Video 13 Answers to Top 5 Questions They Ask in a Teaching Interview

Video 14 What Principals Are Looking For In You

Video 15 What To Do After The Teaching Interview

Video 16 Substitute Teacher Interview Tricky Questions And Answers

Video 17 Being Interviewed For An Overseas Position Read This First


Social Media:

Video 18 How Social Media Can Help You In Your Teaching Job Hunt

Video 19 Don’t Break These Social Media Rules For Teachers

Video 20 Social Media – Some Nuggets of Advice

Video 21 How To Attract Employers Using Your Social Media Profile

Video 22 How To Get Disqualified Using Your Social Media Profile

That’s it for now Busy Educator. I hope you enjoyed this 22 day video course on How To Get A Teaching Job.

Until next time,

Talk to each other, support each other, take care of each other.


P.S. Here the the three original videos that started it all:

The Greatest Lesson I’ve Learned About Applying For A Teacher’s Position

The Most Critical Mistake To Avoid In A Job Interview 

How To Answer The Most Important Teacher Interview Question



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  • Get your resume and cover letter read by the right people


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