How to Attract Employers Using Your Social Media Profile

How to Attract Employers Using Your Social Media Profile

If you think social media is only about stalking on people or tweeting to celebs, you need to think again. Social media can act as a strong self-marketing tool and help you get hired in the school or college of your choice. Job seekers from various industries choose this platform to discover new opportunities and information about the organization they’re applying to. Recruiters use it to find more information about the person they are going to hire. If you are applying for a job, there are chances that the HR team will go through your social media page. How can you make it a job magnet? Learn some tips here.

Have a professional profile

Visit your ‘About’ section and complete your profile. Many people have incomplete profiles. This doesn’t give the HR team any insight into your personality. Make a professional looking ‘About’ section that shows that you are serious about your subject and have a passion for it.

Join relevant groups

Create a profile on LinkedIn and join the groups relevant to teaching. More specifically, join some groups related to your subject. Of course, you’re on social media for some fun and you would join some exciting groups too, but make sure you’re a part of at least a couple of professional groups – even on Facebook.

Highlight your achievements

If you had received the best physics teacher award in your previous school, make sure you publicly post about it. This way, people can see it and know about your dedication to your profession. And when you send an application for a job, they will visit your profile and see that you are indeed a good candidate.

Keep updating your profile

If you’re on LinkedIn (and you should be), update your profile every time there is a change in your professional life. If you have switched schools, update it there. And if you received a promotion, edit your profile to reflect your new position.

That’s it for now Busy Educator. Stay tuned for the next tip “How to Get Disqualified Using Your Social Media Profile”.

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