Who Is Marjan Glavac?

Marjan Glavac is a best selling motivational author, engaging speaker and elementary classroom teacher with over 29 years of teaching experience. He has taught inner city students, students with emotional/behavioral disorders, ESL, IEP and a lot of unmotivated students. Marjan is a dynamic international speaker and workshop presenter having spoken to thousands of teachers.

His customized keynotes have included the following topics: Chalk Board Lessons From The Digital Age; Going Beyond The Rainbow (Or How To Be A Great Teacher); Burn Bright or Burn Out - Motivating Teachers for Life and his newest keynote based on his book: Teaching Is...Moments That Inspire And Motivate Teachers To Make A Difference.

Marjan is the author of 4 books: The Busy Educator’s Guide To The World Wide Web 1st and 2nd Editions, How To Make A Difference: Inspiring Students To Do Their Best, Teaching Is...Moments That Inspire And Motivate Teachers To Make A Difference and co-creator of How to Thrive and Survive in Your Classroom teleseminar.

 Marjan is also the creator of one of the Internet’s longest running free teacher monthly newsletters: The Busy Educator Newsletter (1998). The newsletter has inspired thousands of teachers to become more effective in their classrooms. He is also the recipient of the following teacher awards:

  • The Prime Minister’s Award for Excellence in Teaching Mathematics, Science and Technology.
  • The Roberta Bondar (first Canadian female astronaut) Award for Science and Technology.
  • The National Institute Award for Excellence in Teaching.
  • The Roy C. Hill Award for Educational Innovation.
  • A Certificate of Merit from TVO (Canadian equivalent to PBS USA)

Throughout his career, Marjan has used humor, story telling and unique teaching methods to motivate and engage  his students. He’s accomplished this with lots of motivational activities. Some of his motivational activities include: egg drop projects dropped from the school rooftop, using chess concepts to teach and engage students about consequences, using shoes to teach personal accountability, encouraging students to make the curriculum come alive through role play and cooking to the dozens of telecommunications projects engaging students from K-University on every continent of the world.

His students have been motivated to learn by being involved in projects sponsored by Global SchoolNet Foundation, Kidlink, Academy One, CCCnet, AT&T Japan, Lycos and in the creation of the NewsOntario online newspaper project. His K-8 students have also participated in e-mail, travel buddy, research projects and polishing mirrors for the NASA Starshine project. His students have also been motivated by being filmed by TVO and Global's Kids-TV; featured in all local media - newspapers, TV, radio, as well as nationally in Reader's Digest, Toronto Star, Globe & Mail, Today's Parent, Home and Educational Computing and internationally on WGN and NPR radio, websites and dozens of student newspapers worldwide.

Marjan is a firm believer that: “There are no boundaries for the journeys of the mind." Every student, parent and teacher can be motivated and encouraged to achieve great journeys. His latest book Teaching Is...Moments That Inspire And Motivate Teachers To Make A Difference is a journey that he looks forward to sharing with fellow teachers and parents.

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All the best,

B.A., B.ED., M.A.

“Talk to each other, support each other, take care of each other.” ~ Stu Cunningham