Marjan Glavac's newsletter "The Busy Educator Newsletter" has been around long enough that those of us who have been educators for a while know that it lives up to what it promises: In-depth information - well-presented. It could be assumed that Marjan Glavac's readers were equally devoted teachers who are truly interested in what's going on and what's new and noteworthy. As an independent author and publisher who went a new route rather than trampling the well-known path I wanted to introduce my book "obvious LETTERS" to Marjan Glavac's readers. I practically begged him to run my ads. When he finally did I was happy to find out that Marjan Glavac's readers were not too busy to look at my work. I got a tremendous response and met phenomenal colleagues. Gisela Hausmann, author of "obvious LETTERS"

I love all your enthusiasm and great stories!!! I have passed them along to my favorite teachers and educators. Great and very uplifting. To a joyous 2006 to us both! Stacey Kannenberg

I just wanted to let you know that this was the best newsletter I have ever signed up for! I am glad that I stumbled upon it online as I was searching for a way to make my first year teaching go smoothly! Thank you, Steph Marshall

I just want to thank you for the weblinks you provide! Each month I find something new and worthwhile, and boy did you hit me with a great one this month! I have been working hard the last two months to make math more interactive and was thrilled yesterday when I linked to the connection to Math Internet. This is a winner!! Thanks for your support and good eye! Tanya B.

I keep a binder of all your wonderful newsletters (so I can share with others). Nancy S. Goff , Computer Instructor

  I want to thank you for providing our school with some wonderful websites. Your newsletter is greatly appreciated by the students, staff and parents at our school. Jerry Blumengarten, "Library Man"

Mr. Glavac was my grade 7 teacher. Being from a small rural town, Mr. Glavac opened up a whole new world for me and my classmates. None of us had traveled outside our town. Mr. Glavac inspired us with stories of his travels behind the iron curtain into Eastern Europe, France, Egypt, Turkey, Greece and Italy. As a direct result of his sharing of his travel experiences, and making the outside world come alive, I was inspired to travel and teach in Australia, New Zealand, South Korea, the Philippines, England and France. He taught me grammar. He was insistent that we know good grammar and punctuation. He was the only teacher besides a high school teacher in my final year who spent the time and effort to teach good grammar. I’m glad he did. It made a big difference when I went to university and had to write essays. I wasn’t into sports and the social scene. For students like me there wasn’t much to look forward to in school. Mr. Glavac introduced me to computers by starting a computer club with 6 Commodore 64 computers networked together. As a direct result of this, I became interested in computers and programming and now teach computers and technology. Mr. Glavac made a difference in my life and inspired me to do my best. David Sornberger Elementary School Principal Lindsay, Ontario, Canada