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Finding creative resources is the easy part of being an effective teacher. Teaching is a very challenging profession. It's very complex, with many different challenges. To become an effective teacher, you also need teaching skills and strategies to manage your class effectively. The big challenge is to do this without becoming overwhelmed by too many disruptive students, noisy and out of control students, and parents who continually question your teaching, administrators who demand the impossible, information overload, limited resources and limited time. Whew! Luckily, you've come to the right place. Here at the Busy Educator, we provide creative teaching tips and strategies for teachers to become more effective in dealing with classroom management, disruptive students, information overload and the stresses of teaching. Why don't you take a look at one of our articles on how to teach students responsibility, motivating students and making you a more effective teacher. Sign up for our free Busy Educator newsletter. You'll immediately receive 4 free resources that will inspire and motivate your students. These resources will also make you a more effective and engaging teacher. You'll also receive the latest updates on free webinars, resources, and strategies to make you an effective teacher, quickly and easily. Be even more connected and updated by joining our  Busy Educator Facebook page. Click here: Busy Educator Facebook page

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“Marjan…You are making a difference in the lives of students and in the world.” Harry Wong.

Author The First Days Of School

“It was refreshing to hear such a motivational speech. As I observed the reactions of your audience, it was apparent that you captured the attention and respect of everybody in the room. As you eloquently discussed, it is not easy being an educator today. There are so many demands placed on teachers that one can easily become discouraged and disenchanted. Your talk encouraged teachers to celebrate their accomplishments and be proud of the work they are doing to better the lives of students.” Susan Silverman Education Keynote Chairperson

New York State Association for Computers and Technologies


Marjan is a dynamic international speaker and workshop presenter having spoken to thousands of teachers. His customized keynotes have included the following topics: Chalk Board Lessons From The Digital Age; Going Beyond The Rainbow (Or How To Be A Great Teacher); Burn Bright or Burn Out - Motivating Teachers for Life and his newest keynote based on his book: Teaching Is...Moments That Inspire And Motivate Teachers To Make A Difference.


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All the best, Marjan Glavac B.A., B.ED., M.A. "Talk to each other, support each other, take care of each other." ~ Stu Cunningham