Acing Your Teacher Interview! 

Adam Waxler
The “Getting Hired Guru” tells all. Listen in as Marjan Glavac from interviews
Adam Waxler about the secrets to acing ANY teacher interview!

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 Listen as Adam answers the following questions:

  • What type of experience do you have with teacher interviews? Why would you consider yourself an expert the subject?
  • What is your biggest “tip” for actually getting a teacher interview?
  • How important are resumes and cover letters in terms of getting the interview and actually getting the job itself?
  • What should one expect as when the sit down for an interview? What are the common procedures? Are most interview done by a committee/panel?
  • What are a couple of the most common questions you’ll hear at every interview?
  • What are some “tricks” to answering these questions?
  • How about the post-interview follow up? Is this really important?