How To Be the Teacher Students RESPECT and Turn Them Into Passionate, Eager Learners... In 7 Days Or Less...Guaranteed

Dear Fellow Teachers,
If you love teaching but the challenges that come with the job are starting to get under your skin, I know exactly how you feel. Do you share these challenges? Does this sound like you?

  • You dread going to school in the morning and get a big knot in the pit of your stomach when you walk through the door of your school
  • You really want to make a difference in the lives of your students, but you keep getting frustrated because of disruptive students
  • You actually feel like quitting teaching sometimes and changing careers 
Teachers’ College Didn’t Prepare You For This …

You had all that energy, enthusiasm and expertise to make a difference (perhaps even with disadvantaged students who struggle to get through each and every day). You looked forward to teaching any and all students in your class. You spent an incredible amount of time getting your classroom set up during the summer.

It was a warm, welcoming and wonderful classroom—one of the best classrooms in the entire school. You were nervous that first day, not knowing what to expect.

Then you met your students.

They sat in their desks, alert, attentive and anxious to be taught by you. The first day was an exhausting but an exhilarating, exciting experience. You couldn’t wait to get back to school and teach them some more. Then, it happened…

Hours You Spent Creating Perfect Lesson Plans Go Out The Window
 It may have been in the first week, or in the first month or in the first term, but it happened.
You’re Running On Empty

Your students aren’t attentive any more. They’re off task. They’re defiant. The hours and hours you’ve spent on those picture perfect lesson plans seem to go out the window.

Your students are becoming more and more defiant. You get more and more frustrated with them, lose your cool more often and go home empty, exhausted and emotionally upset.

In spite of all these problems and challenges, you’re still passionate about teaching. You still love to learn. You still love to teach. You still love children.

 But, you’re running on empty, especially with those students who defy you more and more often, who seem to have taken over your class, who don’t seem to care anymore… You don’t know what to do… You don’t want to confess to other teachers that you’re experiencing problems with your class. That would be a sign of weakness.

You don’t want to confess to your principal that you’re experiencing problems. That might mean not getting rehired or worse—that you weren’t meant to be a teacher.

You don’t want to talk to any parents, because word would quickly get out that you can’t control your class, that you’re an ineffective, incapable and worse, an incompetent teacher. The school year has barely started and you’re already counting the days, hours and minutes to the end of the term.

You keep hoping each day will be better, but instead it gets worse. You start thinking about getting out of teaching, quitting and changing careers. You’re fed up, frustrated and fearful. You want the joy, the respect and the fulfillment from a rewarding teaching career, but now, you just don’t know what to do.

Quitting Teaching Seems Like The Only Option
 To put it very simply, I know exactly what you’re going through in a very personal way because I’ve been there myself. Teaching is tough, time-consuming and a trial by fire. No one really understands what it’s like to teach all by yourself, all alone, isolated from adults in front of a group of disinterested, disruptive and defiant students, than another teacher.

“Marjan…You are making a difference in the lives of students and in the world.”
Harry Wong.
Author The First Days Of School

My name is Marjan Glavac, best selling author, writer and teacher. For 29 years, I taught in the trenches, on the front lines, in the firing zone. I was in the class with my students, day in and day out, just like you. I went through a roller coaster of emotions with them every day, the highs and lows, the failures and successes, the joys and disappointments of daily teaching.

And just like you, I thought that my students would automatically love to learn, love the subjects that I taught and hunger for more knowledge as much as I do. Boy, was I wrong!

Teachers’ College never gave me the effective teaching techniques needed to deal with the 30+ students crowded into classes, students with ADD, ADHD, OCD, Tourette’s Syndrome, oppositional behaviour, fetal alcohol syndrome, students 3 or more years below grade level in reading and math, bullies, abused students, temper tantrums, aggressive behaviour. 

There is hope, even in spite of these challenges

Even in the face of all these challenges, I can assure you that there is a solution. Despite all the paperwork…Despite the parents who question your teaching, think that their child can do no wrong, and bypass your authority by going directly to the principal with complaints against you….

Despite the public who think all you do is play games and baby-sit, resent all your vacation days, time off, professional development days and tell you in no uncertain terms how they feel about it. A public that has no idea how to teach, but go to great lengths telling you how to teach.

And there’s still more. There’s the paper work, the extra-curricular activities, keeping up with the latest technology and doing all this on a limited or no budget, no resources, and no time.

A solution that works

Believe me, no matter how difficult your current situation is I have found a solution that works.

And I want to share what I’ve learned with other teachers like you.

I’m so confident I can help you achieve similar results…in just 7 days from now…when you use my breakthrough programHow To Make a Difference: Inspiring Students to do Their Best”.

Here’s a Taste of What You’ll Learn in the First Part of My eBook:
How To Make A Difference

  • The “Know Yourself” technique will show you how to prevent your students from pushing your buttons and stressing you out (once you master this technique, you will be able to teach stress free (page 8)
  • How your strengths, weaknesses, likes and dislikes can transform you into an effective teacher (p. 9)
  • How to measure (and prove) your success as a teacher throughout the entire school year (Parents and principals will love you for this) (p. 14)
  • How to get your students to recognize and embrace their unique and different qualities in a fun and engaging way (Your students will beg for more after they learn this fun and stimulating activity) (p. 15)
  • The most effective (but under-used) source of help when dealing with difficult behavior – (use this with ANY group whenever you feel under pressure – without losing respect of your peers, administration or your students) (p.16)
  • How to get ANY parent on your side (and how to use the priceless information they give you to make you an instant hit with your students) (p. 16)
  • And much more
From Self-Doubt to Self-Confidence …

“How to make a Difference: Inspiring Students to Do their Best” saved my mind. I was at the point in my teaching career where I was having self-doubt whether I was making a difference in my students. Reading the book and using some of the useful suggestions reinforced my decision to become a teacher. Thank you.”

Marian Wood
Co-op Teacher
Batchewana First Nation Sault Ste Marie
Ontario Canada

 Empowers Teacher of 27 Years …

“After teaching for 27 years it is both inspiring and comforting to learn that you can teach “old dogs new tricks”. Sometimes it helps to look beyond the problems that you have in your classroom and look at what you are doing yourself and how what you do may not help change behaviour but also hinder any change. 

I felt inspired and empowered by your ebook. Parts of it affirmed what I held true about kids and other parts empowered me to make change even with my Kindergarteners.”

Cheryl Romer
Kindergarten Teacher with 27 years experience

Here’s More of What You’ll Discover in my eBook:

  • Use this fun activity on the first day of school (or any day) and get any student to feel special (you’ll also instantly find out the personality traits of each of your students making it easier for you to plan lessons and activities (p.18)
  • How to build rapport with every student before they even enter your classroom (This technique will have your most disruptive student on your side on the very first day of school) (p.20)
  • The one phone call every teacher must make (Do this correctly, and you will establish mountains of rapport with parents (p.21)
  • An easy to follow script to establish discipline on the very first day of school (Not only wll you have a stress free first day of school, but a stress free school year) (p.22)
  • Another easy method to get your students to comply (This method will bring you immediate respect from your students (p.23)

… made controlling my students easier.  ”

This is my first year teaching in a public school (fourth grade), and I was ready and willing to accept help wherever I could find it. When I received your e-mail on “How to Make a Difference,” I immediately sent in my info and purchased the e-book.

I have not been disappointed.
One of the things I tried immediately was in assigning jobs to my students. I am very much a “do-it-myselfer,” and never really considered allowing the students to help out. I changed my mind very quickly after reading your piece on “Building Trust and Respect Through Responsibility.”

I couldn’t believe how willing my students were to help! They were excited from the start to know that they were going to be “Mrs. Luebke’s Helpers,” and they couldn’t wait to begin. At first it seemed a bit difficult to find jobs for the students to do. After a while, no problem existed. Everyone was glad to help out, and no job was too menial.

The most positive outcome came from my “hyperactive” student.
Although I was able to keep him under control even when he did not have his medication (when mom couldn’t afford it), he was still quite a handful at times. When it came time for his turn at his job, things began to change. No one could keep his position if he/she had a discipline problem in class.

I made this standard clear from the very beginning. My young man enjoyed being a helper that I could see the difference in him from the onset. Things are not perfect for him, but they are much better. Discipline was not a huge problem in my class before this, but allowing the students to help me in class certainly has made controlling my students easier.

I know now that I will have jobs available for my class from now on, and I am grateful to you for the help your e-book has given me this year. It is something that I have recommended to my colleagues, both novice and experienced, and will continue to use these ideas throughout my teaching career.”

Liz Luebke
Fourth Grade Teacher
El Paso, Texas USA

Difficult Class Makes Remarkable Transformation …I have a very difficult behaviour class that would not complete their work or bring needed materials / homework to class. 

By placing the responsibility on them by asking them, “How do you plan to make sure that it’s here tomorrow?” and involving the class in designing their own marking schemes has had a remarkable change on the majority of the class.

Work is being completed, correctly and neatly and they are coming prepared to class …

J. Jenson Tilly
Fourth Grade Teacher

You’ll Also Learn …
    • The 8 rules for an effective incentive program (Follow these rules and your toughest students will be focused all day long) (p.44)
    • When good students “go bad” and ignore your routine or signals, what do you do? ( Use this quick and easy tip on page 49 to get your students to relax and calm down without feeling guilty that you’re “punishing” them)
    • The best way to begin and end your week (This strategy effortlessly builds classroom rapport and teamwork skills) (p.50)
    • How to prevent inappropriate behaviors before they begin (This one tip will save you from constant battles with your students). (p.51)
    • How I completely changed the students’ and parents’ perceptions around (and the tone of my class) in a single afternoon! (A true and motivating story and technique you too can learn how to use with your class, revealed on page 51)
    • 6 keys to building trust and respect through responsibility (This powerful strategy will have students talking about it years after they’ve graduated from your class) (p.67)
    • 3 ways to get the most from field trips (Follow these tips and parents and administrators will admire your organizational abilities) (p.71)
    • Discover how to make your weaknesses obsolete (This plan of action will complement your weaknesses and use your strengths to bring out your ultimate best for your students ) (p.74)

Great Results & New Opportunities …

Reading your book refreshes my idea that I am doing a good job as a teacher. I have incorporated some of the ideas into my classroom with great results. I have used your book to help me see each day as a new opportunity to help my students succeed.

Crystal Ott
Sixth Grade Teacher
Danville, Iowa USA


Biggest Breakthrough in 13 Years …

What a difference your book made Marjan! I teach junior school children (5-8 year olds) in Christchurch, New Zealand.

I have the question in “How am I going to make a difference today?” above my desk in my classroom. I am aware of my strengths and weaknesses like never before in my 13 year teaching career – all thanks to you! My children LOVE the Gotcha Awards. The bucket was full on Friday.

I am using them to reinforce their homework routines for Reading. It is working a treat! I am working hard every day to be the best I can be (our school motto) and I am more positive on my outlook. Thank you for your inspiring book 🙂

Shireen Spaull
First, Second and Third Grade Teacher
Christchurch, New Zealand

And Discover These Amazing Gems:
  • The 3 questions that will diffuse any classroom problem you’ll ever encounter (These questions are so simple to ask, yet so effective, you’re going to wonder why you didn’t do this sooner) (p.77)
  • How to refocus your entire class on January 1st using the 3-item resolution list ( This “reboot” will help you recover your year if you messed up that first day, in spite of what the gurus have to say (p.86)
  • Learning Lessons through Movies. The top 24 movies to teach and inspire you and your students (An easy, and very successful way to motivate the unmotivated student) (p.87)
  • 19 Boredom Boosters to instantly get your class out of a rut (When nothing seems to work, this list will rescue you and your class from boredom) (p.92)
  • 44 ways to quench the flames of teacher burnout (Follow these simple suggestions to a healthier and happier you) (p.100)
  • How to touch your students’ hearts on the last day of school, so they remember you and the impact you made on them for the rest of their lives (This will guarantee your place in the hearts and minds of your students for years to come) (p.106)
  • And much, much more!

Helping Special Education Students Succeed …

As a special education teacher inspiring my students is a major challenge. This book offered great suggestions that inspired me to try new things that are helping students realize they can be successful. Thanks for the inspiration!

Erika Daman
Special Education Teacher , Romulus High School
Romulus, Michigan USA

Very Helpful for K-6 Supply Teacher …

Very helpful with some great strategies and ideas especially as I am a supply teacher and encounter different age groups and classes from k-6.

Judy Mackenzie
Supply Teacher

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P.P.S. Really, How Do You Put A Price On Personal And Professional Development?
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