How to Get Disqualified Using Your Social Media Profile

How to Get Disqualified Using Your Social Media Profile

Yes, you heard and read the title right. Social media is very important in today’s job scenario. While a positive presence can help you score a good job, a negative presence can cost you the job you already have. Social media reflects your true personality. What does your profile talk about you? One politically incorrect remark will not just tarnish your image but can also result in disqualifying you from an attractive job possibility. Here are some of the mistakes you should avoid when you’re on social media.

Not being visible

When you send your resume to a school and they think you’re a good candidate, the next thing they would want to do is look at your profile. If they don’t find you online, you will miss an opportunity to impress them. With a public professional profile, you can let them know that you are a serious and passionate candidate. You don’t have to make everything public – just make your ‘About’ section public.

Being offensive

Today’s schools and colleges have students from a variety of cultures and backgrounds. If you post racial jokes or offensive comments, you will be instantly disqualified for the job. The same applies to rude or sexist posts.

Being under the influence

Your friends might think that posting pics of expensive alcohol that you had at a party is cool, but your employers will not think that. Any pictures of or relating to alcohol or drugs will lead to instant disqualification.

Too many selfies

If you are swayed by ‘teenager-ish’ trends, it will not give a positive image of you. School authorities are looking for role models who can inspire students and act as leaders. Posting too many selfies (especially if they are sexual in nature) does not reflect well on a teacher’s personality.

Poor grammar

Even if you’re a math teacher and think that grammar isn’t important, it actually is. Good schools and colleges look for teachers who are good with their verbal communication skills. Make sure you don’t use common internet slangs to look cool. It shows that you are not good with grammar.

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