Being Interviewed For an Overseas Position? Read This First

The environment is stressful in any interview, but it becomes more stressful when you have applied for a position that is located overseas. You’re not just going to join a new job but a completely different country. This means you’ll have to relocate and adapt to a different culture. Your entire life is going to change, so make sure you prepare well.

Do your research

If the job entails that you have to move to a country with totally different culture and customs, make sure you learn about their basics before applying. Get to know the location of the country and the major languages spoken there. You might have to visit your home country at least once every year and this would mean a lot of expense. Also, keep in mind that stereotypes are not always true. So free your mind of stereotypes before you research about the country.

Be realistic

When you go to work in a different country, your employer would be investing a lot in you. Make sure you are honest. If you’re planning to leave the job in a couple of years, you should discuss this during the interview. Also, be realistic in your expectations. Going to another country would mean you have to face certain challenges. If you feel that you are not flexible enough for that, it’s best to let your employees know beforehand.

Understand the audience

Since different countries have different cultures, you need to understand the expectations of your students before you apply for the job. All schools have different job responsibilities and expectations. If you’re going to a country where English is not the first language, you should make an endeavor to learn their language. This will make your stay in that country easier.

Keep in mind that if you’re moving to another country because you want to run away from your problems, it’s highly unlikely that you’ll keep your motivation high. Plan to move to another country if you can actually adapt to its culture and traditions.

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