How To Answer The Most Important Teacher Interview Question

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It’s been exciting meeting you, feeling your enthusiasm and reading your comments and questions.

In this video, I’m going to tell you How to Answer the Most Important Teacher Interview Question.

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How to Answer the Most Important Teacher Interview Question

From all my research and 29 years of teaching experience, I can honestly say that I am still surprised at how many teachers still get these interview questions wrong:

“What can you tell me about your classroom management plan.”

“How do you handle classroom management issues?”

“Share a time on how you handled a difficult student.”

The truth is…how you answer the “classroom management” question can be the difference between getting that perfect teaching job or not getting a teaching job at all.

Without a doubt, at some point in your teacher interview you will always, always, always be asked some type of classroom management question.

However, like I said, this is where many potential teachers fail the interview.

Here are some tips…

First of all make sure you clearly express that classroom management is not about rewards and punishments.

It is about keeping your students actively involved in all of your lessons.

And that you are a proactive teacher as opposed to a reactive teacher.

Make sure to explain to your potential employer that the best “classroom management plan” is a strong “instructional plan”.

In other words, you do not rely on elaborate systems of rewards and punishments to address classroom management issues, but instead you find it much more effective to be proactive.

Next, at this point in your answer, it is very effective to explain the major reasons “why” classroom management issues occur and “how” you plan on addressing those classroom management issues.

Just to give you an idea, I might say something like this…

“Classroom management issues arise for 2 main reasons:

1) boredom and 2) confusion

Addressing both of these issues starts from the second the students enter the classroom. By keeping students actively involved throughout the lesson the students will not get bored.”

Of course, you need to explain how you’re going to do this.

You must show your interviewers that you’re not all theory, but that you actually apply what you say to the classroom.

Your answer must be as specific as possible with actual examples from actual lessons.

You have to show the interviewers what it looks like if they were visiting your class.

For example, I would explain how I use teaching strategies such as the “all-write” and the “pair & share” to increase class participation from 10% to 100%.

I’ve explained these two strategies in detail for you in a free resource sheet so that you can explain them to your interviewer if they ask and also for you to use in your own classroom.

It’s available for you to download from this webpage underneath this video.

And, I would also “walk” my potential employer through an actual lesson that exemplified how to pull-off a cooperative learning activity, such as a “cooperative jigsaw”, without any classroom management problems.

All of these activities keep students actively involved.

It reduces boredom.

It limits the opportunity for classroom management issues to arise in the first place.

However, that only addresses the “boredom” issue.

The other major reason classroom management issues arise has to do with “student confusion”.

Make sure to explain how important it is for teachers to anticipate and clear up any possible confusion about what the students are to do.

Let your interviewer know that you plan to clearly post your daily agenda and objectives to limit student confusion AND that you will certainly discuss both at the beginning of every lesson.

Remember, these things should not be a surprise to your students.

Also, explain how you “check-for-understanding” throughout the lesson by simply having students repeat back your directions.

By letting your interviewers know that you understand why classroom management issues arise and how to address these issues BEFORE problems arise you will definitely ace the most important question in the teacher interview.

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I’m Marjan Glavac from the Busy Educator website.

“Talk to each other, support each other, take care of each other”

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