Substitute Teacher Interview – Tricky Questions and Answers

Substitute Teacher Interview – Tricky Questions and Answers

Working as a substitute teacher can help you get the much-needed experience that will land you a job as a regular teacher. While you might think that becoming a substitute teacher is easy, it actually takes hard work. Are you ready to face the interview for a substitute teacher? Let’s help you out by offering answers to some of the tricky questions.

As a substitute teacher, what are your biggest strengths?
I have adaptability as my major strength. Apart from that, I also possess compassion and problem-solving abilities. All these skills will help me handle my responsibilities in this job.

Different students have different learning abilities. How do you cater to their needs?
The three main learning styles are visual, auditory, and kinesthetic. I use all three strategies in my lesson plans so that all types of students benefit equally from my classes.

Do you think the job of a substitute teacher is easier than that of a regular teacher or harder? And why?
I believe that substitute teachers have more responsibilities than regular teachers because substitutes don’t have enough time to get to know each student and connect with them. Also, because substitutes are generally rotated in different classes, they have to handle different responsibilities and types of students.

How would you handle a negative response from a student?

I like to take a proactive approach by engaging students in the lesson, by making the lesson interesting and helping students make good choices in class. If I do get a negative response from a student, I would follow the regular teacher’s discipline plan.

What do you like the most about substitute teaching?
I like the challenges involved in substitute teaching. It includes teaching different classes and involved a lot of diversity. It inspires me as I look forward to a new challenge each day. At the end of the day, I learn something new and upgrade myself.

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