Don’t Let Them Junk Your Resume – Avoid These Mistakes

Don’t Let Them Junk Your Resume – Avoid These Mistakes

There are many people who have all the right qualifications and skills, but somehow never get called for an interview. Are you one of them? Maybe you’re not showcasing your skills the right way. Your resume is something that creates your first impression. If it’s not perfect, it might get thrown in the trash or recycle bin. Yes, as distressing it may sound, if the HR team finds blaring mistakes in your resume, they will just delete it from their list.

Here is a list of common mistakes that many prospective teachers make and miss excellent opportunities to work in their preferred schools or colleges.

Wrong format

Many new candidates try to be unique. In their quest for uniqueness, they sometimes opt for different resume formats. If you select a format that makes things difficult for the HR team, they will not spend a lot of time scanning through it. All your details should be concise and easily available for them to read. Also, make sure your phone number and email address are at the top of the resume so that they can easily contact you.

Not qualified enough

There are many people who apply to the job even if they’re not fully qualified for it. To avoid making this mistake, read the requirements carefully before applying. Many candidates think that there is no harm in applying and they might just get called even though they are not qualified for it. This just wastes the time of the HR team and is in no way beneficial to the candidate either.

No attention to detail

You might not think it’s a big thing but uneven margins in your resume can make it almost impossible to print and it will end up in the trash even if you have all the right skills for the job. Also, if you didn’t mail all the necessary documents enlisted in the job advert, your application will be rejected. Pay attention to all the details – one small mistake can cancel your candidature.

And of course, it goes without saying that you should proofread your resume many times so that there are no spelling or grammar mistakes in it. If English is not your first language, get the resume made by a professional so that it shows that you’re a serious applicant.

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