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Whether you’re a seasoned teacher looking for new challenges or a fresh graduate searching for a new teaching job, you need special magic to be chosen from all the candidates. We all know that top school districts get thousands of applications for teaching positions and yet only a few get chosen. If you have all the right credentials, all you need is a little extra. Let us introduce you to some special tips that will help you land that dream teaching job.


Professional profile

Create a professional profile that will help you cut through the clutter of other job seekers. The first couple of lines in each resume usually belongs to the job objective. Remove that part and add a professional profile instead. This profile can be made descriptive by adding your strengths and accomplishments. For example, you might want to add that your students scored high on the state exams.


Jen’s volunteering experience—found sponsors for 3 students; taught children how to read;


Don’t ignore job fairs

Most seasoned teachers think that job fairs are for fresh graduates. The truth is that education job fairs can be good for experienced teachers too. Even if you don’t succeed in getting a job there, you’ll form great connections with the administrators of various schools and colleges. When you visit a job fair, make sure you dress right because a good first impression can help you get the job you want.


Be active on social media

If you’re looking for a teaching job for the first time, you need all the connections you can get. And for that, social media is the best platform. It will help you build connections by sitting at home and not spending anything. While LinkedIn is a great place for professionals, even Facebook can help you find a good job because many schools and universities place their openings on social media channels as well.


Talk to your friends—see social media lesson in paid course


These tips will help you get your dream teaching job. And if you’re still waiting, you can always sub in the school you like. By acting as a substitute teacher, you can gain experience and boost your resume while you look for a regular teaching job.


That’s it for now Busy Educator.

Until next time, Talk to each other, support each other, take care of each other.’





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