Adding ALL the Details in a Short Resume – How to Do It

Adding ALL the Details in a Short Resume – How to Do It

After working for over a decade as a high school teacher, you have some strong experience to boast about, but your resume is already packed and you don’t want to add another page to it. How do you manage to add extra details to your jam-packed resume? Here are some tips to create a stunning resume in limited space.

Make it specific

Your resume is like your life story condensed in points that makes it easier to read. It depends on you and how you want to shape it. What kind of image do you want to build? Are you a physics teacher? Or  a History teacher? Or an English Teacher? Drop everything from your resume that isn’t related to your teaching career. You might want to drop out that paragraph about working in a factory before joining  the teaching profession.

You can even create different versions of your resume and present your life details in different ways in each resume. For example, if you are looking for a position as a computer teacher as well as a software developer, your resumes should be different and reflect a different skill set.

Delete the extras

To make space on your already packed resume, you need to delete some extras. For that, you need to prioritize things. What can you delete? If an experience is too old, you can remove it to make some space. Keep the recent experiences on your resume because the HR team would be more interested in them. However, make sure you don’t delete an important part. For example, if you received a gold medal at a national level conference of science teachers, don’t leave it out.

Synthesize your details

If a certain part of your resume does not show your strongest skills, it’s best to consolidate it. For example, if you had a 2.5 GPA, you don’t have to mention it. Also, if you have worked for just 2 months in an organization, it’s best to leave that part out. The HR team would be interested in knowing why you left that job so early.

Use other space

If you’re applying for a job in a school where they regularly take the students on a trip, it would be a good idea to include that you have an interest in traveling and have been to many places. However, you can’t add a lot of details in a packed resume. So you can move those details to the cover letter. Or you can mention that during the interview process instead.

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  • Get your resume and cover letter read by the right people

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