What to Do After the Teaching Interview

What to Do After the Teaching Interview

Congratulations for completing your job interview. Now that it’s over, you have to sit back and wait for their call, right? Well actually, there’s a lot you can do. It’s always a good idea to follow up to increase your chances of being hired. Even if you think you did really well (or really bad) in the interview, it doesn’t harm in following up. How to follow up? Stay tune!

Confirm your next step
Instead of deciding the next step yourself, it’s always best to ask in your interview what your next step should be. In most cases, they will say that they’ll call you if you’re selected. You can always ask them about an estimated date by when the results will be finalized. This will give you an idea about the waiting time.

A thank you email
Most people don’t send this small token of appreciation, which is precisely how you can set yourself apart from the others. Just let them know that you were thankful for being called and the interview they did with you went very well. Include some details about the interview and the parts you liked the best. Don’t just send a generic thank you note in the email. It should actually reflect your experience during the interview. Make sure you include the details such as the date the interview was held and if possible, the names of the people who were on the interview panel.

Phone call
The hiring process takes long so don’t start calling them up after the interview to ask about the results. If they had already given you a date, for example, if they had said that they will call you within a week to let you know, you should call them up on the eighth day to ask them about the results. Too many phone calls would make you sound annoying. Before making a phone call, remember that there are chances that they have already selected someone, so if they say you’re not selected, don’t be rude. This will just make you sound unprofessional and you will lose all chances of future employment with that school.

Whether you’re selected or rejected, make sure you accept it gracefully. This will help you build a professional image which will be helpful in your future.

That’s it for now Busy Educator. Stay tuned for the next video “Substitute Teacher Interview – Tricky Questions and Answers”.

Until next time, Talk to each other, support each other, take care of each other.


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