Teaching in a Community College Can be a Great Option Too


Teaching in a Community College Can be a Great Option Too

It’s a challenging job market and applying for community college jobs can be a good idea. Here are some points you need to keep in mind when you apply to a two-year college.

Solve their problems

A community college will hire you to solve their problems and not yours. You’ll find that full-time faculty positions are extremely rare. They will hire only when someone leaves, and this can mean as long as once every ten years. Often times they will hire part time staff only. So if you’re planning to work there, make sure you can dedicate quite a number of years until a position opens up.  You may be lucky and a position may open up sooner than you think.

Focus on teaching

When you write a resume for a community college, highlight your teaching experience and not scholarly skills. It’s a good idea to find out about the programs offered by that college so you can highlight relevant skills in your resume.

You’re not overqualified

You might think that with your educational qualifications, you’re overqualified for a community college, but it’s not always true. Many community colleges hire Ph.D. teachers to attract more students. If you have a Ph.D., you will be given preference during the recruitment process.

Recognize the benefits

Working in a community college can be good in many ways. Some community colleges offer great salaries and opportunities. Also, there will be no pressure on you to conduct research. And since students only do two-year courses, you get to work with new faces more often.

Don’t lose your passion

Even if there is no pressure on you to do research, it’s always best to keep studying and learning new things. You can also participate in professional organizations and present papers. With a secure job, you will have greater freedom to expand your horizon.

While working at a community college can be a fulfilling experience, don’t be surprised if you’re required to go back to school. Many institutions require the faculty to have a teaching license, which means you might have to go back to school before you can teach.

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