Keywords to Include in a Killer Teaching Resume

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Keywords to Include in a Killer Teaching Resume

We all know that a resume should be geared towards its specific industry. While people belonging to management positions have a lot of keywords to add, teachers are usually seen with bland resumes. However, if you sprinkle your CV with the right keywords, you can add the much-needed spice to make it look more attractive. Here are some of the keywords you should use:

Keywords to Include in a Killer Teaching Resume

Coached the girls’ basketball team and secured the second position in 2015 state championship.

Acted as a mentor to a graduation student and helped him with time management issues

Organized school level debates and quiz competitions throughout my time at National College of Science

Advised students in compiling, publication, and distribution of the school yearbook

Trained the staff to use the latest computerized system

Presented a paper on importance of mathematical theories in real life at Global Mathematics Association Conference 2015

Founded the student-teacher cooperation group in 2014

With these keywords, you will be able to grab the attention of the HR team. If you read some inspiring stories of teachers, you’ll find several other keywords that you can more accurately use on your resume. These words will help you resume stand out and increase your chances of being called.

Whatever keywords you use, make sure they reflect these core skills.

Written and oral communication skills
The keywords we’ve mentioned above show that you know how to use words to convey what you’re offering. A strong vocabulary shows off your skills as a teacher.

Problem-solving skills
During your interview, make sure you demonstrate your problem-solving skills. There is a common myth that teachers don’t have problem-solving talent. You can mention in your resume that you have these skills and can handle unexpected situations.

Deadline oriented skills
Mention in your resume that you have the ability to meet deadlines. This can include the number of lessons to be prepared in a day, submitting lesson plans, completing progress reports, and grading.

Applicant tracking systems

Applicant tracking systems fulfill two purposes: to manage applications for positions (especially where there is a high volume of applicants) and to screen out candidates who lack the required skills for the job.
hiring manager doesn’t want to sift through hundreds or thousands of resumes to find the handful of people he or she really wants to talk to. So if you focus your goal on ensuring you are the best fit for the types of positions you are seeking, the things that will make you findable in applicant tracking systems will already be in your resume and cover letter — because they are important qualifications for the type of position you are seeking.
When there are a large number of applicants for a position, the ATS allows the hiring manager to screen out low-ranking resumes, saving valuable time. In this instance, the applicant tracking system works a bit like your email spam filter. It separates out resumes it doesn’t feel would be relevant for the position being filled. Like a spam filter, it recognizes content that might not be important.

You need the right keywords

It is important to include as much relevant information as possible. When applying for a specific position, do use that exact job title on the resume the keywords and phrases must be specific to a particular job ad.

How can you find the keywords or search terms that are likely going to be used to query the ATS?
• Review job postings for the type of position you’re seeking
• Analyze your current job descriptions (and job descriptions of positions similar to the one you have, and the one you want)
• MyNextMove (
• Occupational Outlook Handbook
• Dictionary of Occupational Titles (
• Occupational Outlook Handbook (

Also look for synonyms to the keywords you identify.
Stuck about how to identify relevant keywords and phrases?
1. Find 6-8 job postings for the type of position you want. Copy the text from the ad into a Microsoft Word document.
2. Select all the text and copy it to your clipboard.
3. Go to or to create a tag cloud.
4. Paste your selected text into the “text” box and generate the word cloud.

Examples of Education Resume Keywords
* Growth mindset
* Differentiated instruction
* Inclusive classroom
* Classroom management
* Technology integration
* Interactive classroom
* Student-guided learning
* Personalized learning
* Reflective teaching
* Research-based practices
* Instructional strategies
* Collaborative environments
* Teacher based teams
* Data-driven analysis
* Blended learning
* Coding
* Digital literacy
* Embedding technology

Other education keywords to keep in mind when you are trying to make it through applicant tracking systems will focus on your education and credentials. These should be highlighted in your resume and application letter for teaching, and can easily be inputted into the online job application or form.

 Passion for education
 Infectious enthusiasm
 Goal-driven mindset
 Patient and caring demeanor
 Creativity and a willingness to try new things
 Well-rounded and dynamic
 Hard working and diligent
 Communication and interpersonal skills
 Teamwork and leadership skills
 Organization and time management skills
 Critical thinking, analytical, and problem-solving skills

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