What Principals Are Looking For In You

What Principals Are Looking For In You

So you’re looking for a teaching job. To be selected for it, you have to be chosen by the Human Resources team of the school or college. The principal of the organization is generally the main member of that team. What exactly is the principal looking for in a prospective teacher? Here’s what principals are saying:


Passion in a teacher is very important. We get thousands of applications and about 20 candidates get called for one position. We don’t want to hire just anybody. If they have a passion for teaching, they will be a good teacher. Passionate people are ready to change their ways and experiment with new things. We interview them and find out what their true interests are. If they are a teacher by heart, that’s what we are looking for.


We live in a world where people of many cultures unite and stay together in peace. We don’t want someone who is not sensitive towards the interests of others. Sensitivity is required everywhere, and it especially becomes important in multicultural organizations.


A little sense of humor is a good thing. It keeps the classroom alive. We aren’t exactly looking for a comedian, but a little wit is always welcome. It helps you resonate with the students. They don’t feel that the class is a burden. Also, we have seen that a teacher who has a sense of humor can explain things in a better way.


Some positions require experienced teachers and some need fresh graduates. However, any kind of teaching experience is always a big plus. For example, if you have some kinds of part-time teaching experience, that is always considered a big plus. This means you have what it takes. Teaching an entire class of students isn’t easy. It takes confidence and leadership skills to just stand there and be the center of attention. If you have already taught, it means you can handle it.

Likeable and Trustworthy

We want someone who is likeable and gets along with people. We also want someone we can trust–

a team player who knows how to protect the interests of the school, its administrators as well as the interests the entire staff. We would rather hire someone who we can trust rather than someone who is the smartest person in the room.

That’s it for now Busy Educator. Stay tuned for the next video “What to Do After the Teaching Interview”.

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Talk to each other, support each other, take care of each other.


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