How Social Media Can Help You in Your Teaching Job Hunt

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 How Social Media Can Help You in Your Teaching Job Hunt

When it comes to job hunting, sometimes prospective teachers don’t use social media very well. And this can become their weak point. Social media is as important in teaching as in any other industry. Your social networking profile is like your informal resume. So, keep only those things on it that you would like to share with everyone. Teachers have to maintain a leading role so it’s best to keep your profile clean and professional. Here are some ways in which social media can help your job hunt.

Build connections

You can create a professional profile on LinkedIn and build some great connections. Once you create a profile and connect with the people you know, LinkedIn will automatically connect you with others in your industry.

A social bio

Social media is an informal platform to showcase your skills. You cannot discuss everything during the interview. These days, many organizations check a candidate’s social profile before hiring them. If your profile reflects your passion about the subject, they will instantly accept you. However, if you have shared objectionable material on your social media channels, they might have second thoughts about bringing you to their organization.

Professional development

When you’re on social media and connected with people in your industry, you get to learn many things. This can help you during the interview. When the Human Resources team interviews you, you can discuss all the latest advancements in the subject you have majored in. This way, they will be convinced that you have a genuine interest in the subject you’re planning to teach.

Showcase your work

With a social media presence, you can showcase all your achievements without stuffing them in your packed resume. If you have recently presented a paper at a conference and didn’t get a chance to mention that in the interview, you can mention it on social media. If the HR team checks your social media profile, they will get to know more about you.

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