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November 2008
“Do You Want To Know How To Create Your Ideal Classroom, Motivate Your Students, Maintain Their Attention And Keep Them On Task Without Screaming, Pleading Or Burning Yourself Out?”

ADHD - Resource
November, 2008
You got into teaching for all the right reasons but find yourself occasionally frustrated by problem studentswho have the whammy on you and send you home feeling frustrated, defeated, disillusioned, unhappy, or worse.

Ruth Herman Wells - Teacher/Author
October, 2008
Presents the Quickest Kid Fixer-Uppers all in one place. These eBooks are adapted from Ruth's widely applauded Bright Ideas Newsletters, and now her Quickest Kid Fixer-Uppers ebooks are available organized by problem area.

Eliminate Disruptive Behavior In Your Classroom Forever!
Professor. Tom Daly
Book or EBook plus DVD
US$ 49.95 -39.95 - 69.95.

Disruptive Behavior In Your Classroom

We’ve never met, but I know a couple things about you:

1) You got into teaching for all the right reasons but find yourself occasionally frustrated by problem studentswho have the whammy on you and send you home feeling frustrated, defeated, disillusioned, unhappy, or worse.

And . . .

2) If someone gave you a new way of dealing with unresponsive and disruptive students — and it was an easy-to-follow method that actually worked — you’d want to hear more about it.

How do I know these things about you? I’ve been there myself!

I’ve made a career out of helping other teachers succeed with students that other teachers gave up on. And my methods flat-out work, because for more than 11 years, I was "in the trenches" working with some of the most unreachable, learning disabled kids in a major metropolitan school district.

Even if you never read my book or my free 5-part report, do these four things
with your ADHD students and you will see dramatic improvements almost immediately:

1. Find Out What Your ADHD Student Loves And Figure Out A Way To Involve That In His School Day. (In Chapter 8, I give you an absurdly easy way to do this on the first day of school.)

2. "Listen" To Your Students’ Misbehavior. Student misbehavior isn't just an annoying disruption --- it's a secret message the student is (unwittingly) trying to convey to you. And usually that message can be boiled down to two words: "Reach me." On page 45, I give you a way to do exactly that --- a method that is so effortless, effective and simple, you’re going to slap your forehead and wonder why you didn’t think of it first!

3. Get Your ADHD Students To Like You. I’m not talking about a loosey-goosey approach in which you undercut your authority by becoming their "friend." I’m talking about winning the respect from your student in such a likeable way that he then becomes comfortable letting his guard down and now is on "your side." You’ll be astonished what this technique alone will do, and you might even become a hero to him in the process. My book gives you the exact approach for doing this.

4. Stop Controlling And Start Coaching. Change your style of thinking from a controlling, adversarial mode to something more like coaching. You almost want to think of yourself as a personal trainer for these kids. The typical teacher is thinking, "I need to establish control, and the student needs to follow me and do what they’re told." And that works just fine for regular students. But it’s a whole different ball game with ADHD kids.


Don’t purchase anything on ADHD unless it meets the following three criteria:

  • It is written by someone who actually has tested the techniques personally.
  • It is written in plain English about situations you face every day.
  • It offers at least a 60-day guarantee without fine print or strings attached.

"The ADHD Solution for Teachers" will give you a step-by-step approach that will transform your worst student into your best — or, more specifically, give you the exact blueprint to reach your highly distractible ADHD student so that you can go home feeling refreshed and energized instead of frustrated and defeated.

No more battles. No more power struggles. Just you and your students on the same page together working toward the same goal.

Choose individually or as a package: :

173-page manual . . .

  • Why normal students buy into the concept of school, and why ADHD kids don’t. (And what you can do to get the ADHD kids to buy into it, too)
  • The single biggest factor in becoming "that one special teacher" students will remember the rest of their lives.
  • Why trying to control your ADHD student is like mud wrestling a pig (you both get muddy and the pig enjoys it) --- and what really works instead.
  • How to reduce the frequency of annoying ADHD behaviors such as blurting out, pencil-tapping, throwing objects, and desktop-napping by as much as 500 percent.
  • How to tell if your nightmare student truly has ADHD, or if he’s just a total brat. My short checklist on page 23 gives you the answer.
  • The five mistakes almost every teacher makes with ADHD students.
  • The 10 words that instantly defuse any confrontation with a student. (Also works like a charm on parents who blame you for their child’s failures.)
  • How to get ADHD children to do what you want them to do . . . and make them think it was their idea.
  • The one, sure-fire response to use when you’re being verbally abused by any student or parent.
  • How a classic sales technique transformed a sullen, withdrawn student into a high-achieving graduate and quite literally saved his life --- and how you can use this technique to get through to your most unreachable kid.
  • Why your choice of words in discussions with parents and administrators is so crucial. Learn the exact, professional phrasing that wins respect and admiration, and could even earn you a promotion.

My special 2-hour DVD video...

  • Watch me demonstrate and "fill in the blanks" on my most effective strategies in front of a small audience of real teachers.

  • Listen to me provide real-life examples that are not given in the book.

  • Follow along with pen and paper as I lead you through written exercises that will help you apply my best ideas to your particular classroom.

  • Listen to me add powerful new insights and techniques that I have picked up along the trail since my book was first published.