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November, 2008
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October, 2008
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Exploring Patterns at Learn Alberta

Exploring Patterns Video (Video Interactive)

Here are two patterning resources you can use to introduce patterning or to reinforce concepts for grades 4-8. I used the first one with my grade 5 class. They really enjoyed all three activites- the video, the interactive activitiy and the handout.

This multimedia mathematics resource illustrates how math is used to develop and analyze dance routines. An interactive component helps students explore random number patterns and predict the next terms in a sequence. A print activity is included.

The dance video is very well done. It shows a tap dancer dancing a routine. The narrator tells how patterns are used to form a dance routine. Through titles, more narration and slowing the dancer's routine, students can see how dance routines are analyzed.

Print activities include a description of the video as well as a handout with patterning exercises. The handout is linked to an interactive component. Students can generate a pattern and then predict the next 3 terms by clicking on the boxes. Students get immediate feedback on their answers.



Exploring Patterns (Object Interactive)

This interactive mathematics resource allows students to explore number patterns.Users manipulate an animated squirrel as they determine terms in a sequence.Pictorial representations and algebraic expressions are generated for each pattern examined.The resource also includes print activities, solutions, learning strategies, and a math game.

This activity includes print resourcesPatterns Learning Strategies that describes the activity:

What should students be able to do within this interactive?

Select a pattern type and create an expression representing its terms.

Select the number of terms for the pattern.

Understand how each value of n is substituted into the expression to create a term.

Understand how the pattern is generated and be able to interpret it.

Recognize the pictorial connection between the pattern and its terms.

Common mistakes made by students:

Not understanding the expression.

Not understanding how the terms are found from the expression.

Not understanding the connection between the pattern and the pictorial representation.

Not recognizing how the pattern is created.

Not recognizing how to extend the pattern.

This handout also includes a student activity (which can be modified by the teacher) and which students can use to follow the interacitve squirrel activitiy.



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