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November 2008
“Do You Want To Know How To Create Your Ideal Classroom, Motivate Your Students, Maintain Their Attention And Keep Them On Task Without Screaming, Pleading Or Burning Yourself Out?”

ADHD - Resource
November, 2008
You got into teaching for all the right reasons but find yourself occasionally frustrated by problem studentswho have the whammy on you and send you home feeling frustrated, defeated, disillusioned, unhappy, or worse.

Ruth Herman Wells - Teacher/Author
October, 2008
Presents the Quickest Kid Fixer-Uppers all in one place. These eBooks are adapted from Ruth's widely applauded Bright Ideas Newsletters, and now her Quickest Kid Fixer-Uppers ebooks are available organized by problem area.

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Bill’s Games

Bill’s Games is a website started by Bill Kendrick who was a Computer Science student at Sonoma State University California way back on December 3, 1998.   Kendrick currently works in Davis, California, as a webmaster and CGI programmer.

This site is unique in that every game on this site is free, requires no registration to use, and should work with almost any web browser, including Lynx, AOLTM, WebTVTM, and Sega NetLinkTM. No JavaTM, JavaScriptTM, cookies or frames is used. The entire site has been tested with Netscape 4.04 for Linux and Windows95, Lynx 2.8 for Linux, and WebTV Viewer 1.1 for Windows95.

There are five categories of games here: Card Games, Puzzles, Word Games, Board Games and Mazes.

These games ideal for individual, partner or group activities. Students can find puzzles, brain busters, ad-lib stories and share strategies and solutions with each other and the class. Problems are ideal for newsletters, contests, bell work, challenges.  Most of the games are classic “oldies” with some twists.  The Hangman game has 14 categories to choose from (including choosing your own word to play with a friend) for a total of 5972 words and phrases! The Brain Teasers use words and shapes, and their positions, to make out the word or saying.  WordScram is a word puzzle game where each player takes turns trying to make words out of a collection of randomly-picked letters. You can only use each letter only once, and the word must be in English.  There is also a timed version. Or, if you need a handout, go to the Maze Generator and create a maze and print out.  It’ll keep your students busy for a while!

These simple to use games are great for those students who need a challenge and especially for those indoor recesses.  And if you’re having “one of those days” in the class, have some fun yourself on Bill’s Games.


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