Teaching Is…Moments that inspire and Motivate Teachers to Make a Difference

Teaching Is…: Moments that inspire and Motivate Teachers to Make a Difference is a book that gives new meaning to the concept of the “teachable moment”.

This collection of personal and inspirational affirmations are guaranteed to connect with anyone who has dedicated their lives to students in a classroom.

For every educator who has felt frustrated, unappreciated, and overwhelmed, Teaching Is… reinforces the power of teachers to inspire, motivate, and make a difference.

This small book with a big message goes beyond the curriculum, celebrating what true education is all about. Teaching Is… Moments That Inspire and Motivate Teachers to Make a Difference, was a five-year labor of love for me. I capture and offer up the indelible magic moments that teachers experience day in and day out. It seeks to break through the walls of mis-understanding, misguided criticisms, concerns of high pay, teacher performance, accountability, and untold working hours.

Here is a book that lays bare the heart and souls of teachers in their own words, as they describe those defining moments that capture the essence of the reason why they choose and stay in this honored profession.

Teaching Is… is filled with short parables from my own experience. With words and pictures the book highlights the power of teachers to inspire, motivate, and make a difference. Here are some samples:

After telling the class that you grew up without a microwave, a student asks “How did you reheat your food?”(You’re tempted to say, “Over the fire!”)

Getting a hug from the toughest student in your class on the last dy of school…when no one else is looking.

Telling an elementary student that one day she will become an Olympic athlete…and she does as a member of 2 Olympic teams.

Seeing students leaning forward in their seats, listening to your every word, following your each and every instruction, staring at you intently, mouths and eyes wide open…the AHA moment…something every teacher strives for.

Here is a very special, singularly unique, and beautiful way to learn, appreciate and understand the dedication of teachers and why they devote their lives to making a difference to the lives of the children they touch.

New teachers will be reassured by the personal wisdom of an experienced educator who has walked the path before them; veteran teachers will feel refreshed and invigorated by the unbounded optimism and truthful insight.

This book is for every educator at any stage of their career. For parents and students who wish to acknowledge and thank the dedicated teachers who have made an impact with their caring guidance, Teaching Is… is the perfect and lasting gift. Read. Enjoy. And share it with those who have made a difference in your life.

Perfect for National Teacher Day May 7, Teacher Appreciation Week, May 6-May 10, the end of the school year, or just because you want to thank a teacher.

Available on Amazon. Click here for more information: https://amzn.to/2Xpyluj

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