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 All these products are in digital format for immediate download.

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How To Thrive And Survive In Your Classroom Teacher Training System

How To Thrive And Survive You’ll discover in our program:

  • The secret to creating your ideal classroom (Once you master this technique, other teachers will beg you for your secret) (page 11)
  • The best way to keep your unmotivated students engaged and on task with these 4 strategies (It’s tough keeping students focused all day. These strategies teach you how) (page 82)
  • The proven technique to finding enough time in the day to get everything that needs to be done in the curriculum, while making sure you have a life outside of the classroom. (This one tip will save you hours each week) (page 75)
  • 18 examples on how to keep the rest of the class learning and working while you work with a small group (Just imagine what your administrators will think when they see your classroom) (page 93)
  • Exactly how to eliminate misbehaviors (This allows you to teach in a stress free environment making you a relaxed and happy teacher) (page 61)
  • What’s really important in teaching (And it’s not what you think) (page 5)
  • The secrets to individualizing instruction (If you don’t do this, students will misbehave, not listen to you and refuse to work) (page 90)

This Teacher Training System will also show you…

  • 15 ways on how to change behavior using this simple method (You’ll avoid confrontations with parents and gain their respect and respect from your administrators) (page 154)
  • A complete list on how to be a successful teacher (This list is so simple to follow, yet so effective, you’re going to wonder why you didn’t do this sooner) (page 7)
  • What you absolutely MUST do to bring about permanent change in your classroom (Once you master this method, you’ll be able to deal with any change (page 18)
  • The 3 questions you must ask before and after your lesson to ensure successful teaching and learning experiences (This will simplify your complicated curriculum documents giving you the confidence to teach any curriculum) (p. 28)
  • The best way to creating a good school (And how you can be the vital person in creating it) (page 43)
  • How to make that first day of school your best ever (If you mess up that first day, there are ways of recovering, in spite of what the gurus have to say) (page 51)
  • The crucial data you need BEFORE you give out a consequence (Once you learn how to do this, you’ll always be “on top of things” and “in control”) (page 64)
  • The RIGHT way to set and achieve your goals (This is my time tested and proven strategy on how to get what you really want) (page 104)
  • The proven way to get the BEST out of your students (Imagine parents and students thanking you at the end of the school year.  This method shows you how) (page 116)
  • The ABSOLUTE and MOST EFFECTIVE way to assess students (When I started to use this proven technique, I couldn’t believe the hours I saved marking assignments (page 127)
  • 44 ways to quench the flames of burnout (Follow these simple suggestions to a healthier and happier you) (page 141)
  • And much more…

 All this for $97.00


  How To Make A Difference: Inspiring Students To Do Their Best eBook

How To Make A Difference

Here's what you get:

  • 117 page How To Make A Difference: Inspiring Students To Do Their Best

AND 13 free bonuses (over $176.55 worth) for less than the cost of a movie and popcorn!

  1. "How To Make A Difference Workbook"

2. “Succeed With The Noisy Class: The Step by Step Method to Deal With Challenging Groups”

3.  "Unleashing Your Brilliance" 284 pages filled with tips and tools for using your brain to its maximum potential.

4.   Timesavers for Teachers.com  29 often-used, printable timesaving sheets

5.   Easy Ways for Getting A's: A Success Guide for Students

6.   How To Improve Communication With Parents

7.   School House Technologies Math and Vocabulary Worksheets Download over 110 Math worksheets and 80 Vocabulary worksheets for FREE

8.    Special Report: "Which of these 7 Mistakes Do You Make In Child Discipline?"

9.    Mental Performance Enhancement Training Session: "Believing In Yourself"

10. Free Success and Goal Setting Curriculum and tools

11. Special Report “Helping Children Transition to New School Situations”

12. Special Report “Basic Math in the 21ST Century”

13. What Every Student Needs To Know About Improving Their Marks

Buy for just $37.00 


 The Busy Educator Audio Collection

Interview Series

  • The Busy Educator Audio Collection is for any teacher serious about making a difference and reaching every student in their classroom.The collection consists of 7 interviews. That’s over 15 hours of tips, strategies and advice you can get it for just for just $9.99 (that’s a 50% saving from our regular price of $19.97)!Here’s a description of just 3 of the 7 interviews:Dr. Gary S. Page is an author, award-winning educator and a general practice psychotherapist. Gary has taught all grades from primary, through junior, intermediate, and senior as well as college and university. He has even taught teachers! Gary has counselled hundreds of families, both in private practice and in his role as pastor.In this interview, Gary answers the following questions:
  • How do I get students to respect me?
  • One of my students is constantly getting up out of her seat. No matter what I say or do she continues this behavior. How can I get her to sit down?
  • I teach high school. In the lunchroom, there always seems to be a few unruly students. How do I get them to settle down?
  • Last night I had to interview the parent. His first words to me were “well what has this [expletive deleted] done now?” I was stunned. Actually I wanted to tell the parent how well the son was doing. Now I can see why he had so much trouble in the past. How can I get parents to think differently about their son?
  • A student in my junior level class frequently takes things that doesn’t belong to her. How can I get her to stop this behavior?
  • One of my students dawdles with every task. He’s a very able student but unwilling to do much work. How can I put an end to this resistance and get him to do the quality work of which I know he is capable?
  • How do I deal with an aggressive parent?
  • What do I say to a parent that is not providing support to their child?
  • How do I deal with a parent I don’t like?
  • How do I get a parent to work in partnership with the school?
  • How do I convince a parent to trust my judgment?
  • What do I say and how do I face a parent after I have had a difficult
    or unpleasant encounter with them?
  • How do I get the administration to acknowledge and appreciate my
  • How do I get the administration to support me with a difficult issue
    without being seen as incapable?
  • How do deal with a personality clash?
  • How do I convince the administration to let me do a new/different
  • I had a bad evaluation – now what do I do?
  •  Laurie Moore Skillings, SCAC, ADHD Teen CoachIn this interview, Laurie answers the following questions:
  • What are the characteristics teachers should be looking for in students with major depressive disorder?
  • What are the characteristics teachers should be looking for in students with Tourette’s Syndrome?
  • What are the characteristics teachers should be looking for in students with OCD Obsessive Compulsory Disorder?
  • What are the characteristics teachers should be looking for in students with ADHD Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder?
  • What are the characteristics teachers should be looking for in students with PDD Pervasive Development Disorder- Aspergers?
  • What are the characteristics teachers should be looking for in students with LD Learning Disorder?
  • What are the best ways to treat students with these disorders? (homework strategies, organization skills)
  • What does a teacher do if the student is disturbing the class and not respecting teacher instructions?
  • How can teachers prevent these students from having a “meltdown”?
  • Ruth Wells Author, Speaker and Workshop Instructor , M.S. is the Director and Founder of Youth Change Professional Development Workshops.
  • Since you’re a counselor, tell me what is the most critical thing that teachers aren’t taught in college about students’ emotional functioning?
  • What other areas are teachers expected to manage but universities don’t teach them how to do?
  • Give me an example of some of your most effective interventions to teach motivation.
  • Give me an example of what teachers need to know about managing the most unmanageable student, the conduct disorder.
  • What other areas of teacher training are omitted that you feel leaves teachers at a huge disadvantage in the classroom?
  • So what should universities be teaching teachers about working with students that they aren’t teaching now?
  • Some of your interventions are just so unusual and so forceful. Can you give us a sampling of some of your most popular interventions?
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eTeach: A Teacher Resource for Learning the Strategies of Master Teachers


For just $13.50 in our HALF-OFF sale you’ll get:

  • 86 page eTeach: A Teacher Resource for Learning the Strategies of Master Teachers eBook

With eTeach you’ll learn how to:

  • MOTIVATE students to learn (especially the ones who don’t want to be there)
  • Keep students ON TASK in a fun and stimulating way
  • Use time EFFECTIVELY to maximize learning with this very SIMPLE  yet EFFECTIVE technique
  • Keep DISRUPTIVE students from ruining your lessons (and your career)
  • Get ALL students involved with EVERY lesson
  • END homework excuses with these 5 tips (I devote an ENTIRE chapter on homework)
  • Immediately gain RESPECT from DISRESPECTFUL students
  • Use these 5 techniques to get your class to pay ATTENTION
  • Improve BEHAVIOR with these 4 simple steps
  • Easily increase STANDARDIZED TEST SCORES by using this simple strategy
  • AVOID the number one mistake many teachers make that will actually increase classroom management problems
  • REDUCE THE UNDUE STRESS caused by classroom management problems


Including these 5 free bonuses!

1.   10 Things Every Teacher Needs to Know In Order To Receive Tenure

2.      The Ultimate Time Management Guide for Teachers

3.     52 Teaching Tips Guaranteed to Improve YOUR Career!

4.     Over 100 Weekly Teaching Tips Guaranteed to Improve your Teaching! That’s Almost  2 Years Worth Of Tips

5.    Classroom Management: The Law of Least Intervention How to Stop MINOR Classroom Disturbances

To grab your copy of eTeach: A Teacher Resource for Learning the Strategies of Master Teachers (as well as all the bonuses) for HALF OFF click the link below:

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52 Teaching Tips Guaranteed to Improve YOUR Career!


52 Teaching Tips Guaranteed to Improve YOUR Career will provide you with simple teaching tips that you can easily apply to your very next class.

You can print them out.

You can post them in your classroom.

You can pass them around to other teachers.

More importantly, you can start applying them immediately and see an:

  • increase in class participation
  • increase in academic achievement
  • increase in standardized test scores
  • and a definite decrease in classroom management problems

Order it now for only  $9.95 


How To Get A Teaching Job online course

No click 200x200-2

This is the first online course we’ve ever created.

This online course is for anyone looking for a teaching job. It’s also a great refresher course for any teacher who wants to change teaching jobs.

The one thing I didn’t realize during my teaching career was the need to keep updating my resume, my networking and my interview skills.

If you ever get downsized, or change teaching positions or want to leave your district for another district, you need these skills to get the teaching job you want.

The course sells every day for $68.00 …...but  you can save 50% and get the entire course for just $34.00! 

For just $34.00 in our HALF-OFF sale you’ll discover the same techniques I used to get a teacher job:

  • Two little known, unconventional job search techniques that will help you source teaching jobs way ahead of the competition – sometimes before the job is even advertised!
  • The one sentence to add to your Cover Letter that NEVER FAILS to land you an interview. This isn’t common practice but it definitely works!
  • The number one secret to landing a teacher interview. (Your interviewers will love you for doing this).
  • What never to put on a teacher cover letter. (This is so simple, but it happens all the time).
  • How to create a teacher resume that makes YOU stand out from the competition.
  • Resume mistakes that make recruiters furious. 
  • How to bridge those trouble spots, sell your skills—and yourself

I will also show you…

  • How to block stress—BEFORE the Interview
  • Be prepared! Secret tools to bring to an interview
  • Preparing for a job interview—mentally
  • 25 practice questions that interviewers are sure to ask. (Each one comes with tips on how to answer each question AND detailed (and I mean detailed!) actual sample answers!)
  • How to teach a demonstration lesson or session that will really impress the panel! Get this right and they’ll want to hire you on the spot
  • 12 questions YOU should ask the interviewer to let them know you’re serious about getting the job.

AND 5 free bonuses:

  1. Rob Plevin’s The Job Hunter’s Bible
    2. Top 10 Secrets of the World’s Greatest Cover Letter… Attract Job Interviews Like a Magnet.
    3. Top 10 Secrets YOU Can Use To Ace Any Job Interview… Unique job interview tips to get you hired fast! 
    4. Top 10 Secrets YOU Can Use To Ace Any Job Interview… Unique job interview tips to get you hired fast!
    5. Being An Elementary School Teacher This eBook contains 64 pages packed with information from 25 working teachers

To grab your membership for HALF OFF click the link below:

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Your Basic Guide to Acing ANY Teacher Interview

Teacher Interview

If you don't have time to take our How To Get A Teaching Job online course, all the information in the course is available in our Basic Guide to Acing ANY Teacher Interview eBook.

Here a few unsolicited testimonials from people just like you who were having noluck when it came to getting a teaching job...that is until they read my guide.


Unsolicited emails
After 146 hours of having read your e-book I landed my dream
job. I will start on Monday October 6, 2008.Wow,

It works, it works!


I wanted to thank you for all the help I obtained from your
E-Book. I was married this past May in Massachusetts and my
wife was wanting to move to Florida. She purchased the
E-Book and help me build the skills I needed to land a job
down here. I am happy to report that after reading your
E-Book I was able to get the job I wanted in the county we
wanted to live in (Lee) in only 2 months. Things really
took off for me interview wise after using the your resume
and cover letter building ideas. I was told by many
administrators that my resume was very impressive and put
me at the top of list. Your sample questions were also
right on the money and helped me to impress my
interviewers. I hope you continue to find much success and
again thank you.



I just wanted to let you know I have purchased several of
your e-books and they have been very helpful. I am getting
ready to purchase another.

I teach in Hillsborough county and I live in Manatee
County. I appreciate all you do...while my career has
benefited greatly from your insight, my own child has had
the opportunity to benefit from your teaching. (She was one
of your students at Haile last year). In fact, social
studies was her favorite subject last year, for the first
time ever, and she attributes that directly to you.

I just wanted to say thanks and keep up the good work; one
of your books helped me get a teaching job, and I look
forward to your other publications helping me in my job.

Thanks again,


I have been trying to get a teaching job in
suburban Chicago (specifically Dupage county) for the
last 2 years. This place is a bear! I have 3 years high
school experience, 3 years college level experience and my
Masters Degree. I've had 1 interview since 2006. Then I
found your e-book! Following your suggestions. Sending
personal letters to the principals (after the horrible
required online applications!) then following up with phone
calls. Two interviews this week! My first interview was
today and I rocked! The best interview of my life! My
second interview is scheduled for next week and thanks to
you I feel confident that I know what to do to prepare
(yes, the principal asked me back for a second interview
before I left the building!) I cannot thank you enough.
Thank you Thank you Thank you. All my best. I will keep you


I used your teaching interview tips and they were great!
Sadly, I did not find your website until after my
interview, but once I did buy it and use it, I got the next

Thank you so much for all of this.

Keep them coming!!


Learn the secrets of getting a teaching job for only $47.00


Get our bundle of all our products for half price.
(OR you can order them individually at the regular price.)
Our BEST EVER bundle of EVERYTHING: You can get everything below in digital format with immediate download in one Best Ever Bundle for the give-away price of just $149.00. (That's more than $150 off the regular price!) PLUS over $200 worth of FREE Bonuses!
 All these products are in digital format for immediate download.

If you have any problems ordering please email Marjan at: marjan@glavac.com  and I will be happy to help.


Glavac Presentation

Keynotes, Workshops, Presentations

“Marjan…You are making a difference in the lives of students and in the world.”
Harry Wong.

Author The First Days Of School


“It was refreshing to hear such a motivational speech. As I observed the reactions of your audience, it was apparent that you captured the attention and respect of everybody in the room.
As you eloquently discussed, it is not easy being an educator today. There are so many demands placed on teachers that one can easily become discouraged and disenchanted. Your talk encouraged teachers to celebrate their accomplishments and be proud of the work they are doing to better the lives of students.”
Susan Silverman Education Keynote Chairperson

New York State Association for Computers and Technologies


Marjan is a dynamic international speaker and workshop presenter having spoken to thousands of teachers. His customized keynotes have included the following topics: Chalk Board Lessons From The Digital Age; Going Beyond The Rainbow (Or How To Be A Great Teacher); Burn Bright or Burn Out - Motivating Teachers for Life and his newest keynote based on his book: Teaching Is...Moments That Inspire And Motivate Teachers To Make A Difference.


email: marjan@ glavac.com to discuss and plan.