How to calm down a noisy class in seconds

How To Calm Down A Noisy Class In Seconds

It was just before the afternoon recess. I was ready to teach my class for a math lesson, when a parent from the Home and School Association came into the classroom. She requested to speak to the students…alone.

It wasn’t that unusual of a request.

In past years the Home and School Association has put on a number of things for teacher appreciation week, and this was one activity that is done with the students secretly without the teacher knowing!

I left the room for a 5-minute stroll down the hallway. When I returned I saw a haggard looking parent emerge from the classroom.

‘How do you manage to control them?’, she asked.

Without skipping a beat, I said ‘It’s simple–I’ll show you how.’

I raised my hand, and within seconds every student had their hands up and eyes on me, much to the surprise of the parent!

That was the simple part. The reason it works is because on the very first day of school, I show students the procedure which is ‘When Mr. Glavac raises his hand, you stop what you are doing, face Mr. Glavac and listen to his instructions.’

The real reason this works is because I use it at least twice a day. The students are used to it. There are no surprises when my hand goes up because it’s a well-rehearsed procedure.

I give credit to my good friends Harry and Rosemary Wong for first showing it to me.

A lot of these methods have been out there for years. So, whatever method you use, be it turning off the lights, hands on heads, a bell, just make sure you rehearse it as often as you can with your students.

Once it works, you can quiet down any class, any audience in the gymnasium, any group of students within seconds.

Now, wouldn’t it be neat if every teacher in the school incorporated this into their routines so every student would know this by the time they came to your class

Think how easy it would be to get everyone’s attention at an assembly or on a bus or on a field trip.

What a simple idea that costs nothing to implement.

Try it and let me know in the comments how you make out.

Until next time,

Talk to each other, support each other, take care of each other.


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