Free Teacher Resources eBooks

I’ve put together 4 eBooks for Busy Educator Newsletter subscribers.

Read about sites that…. 

  • Help your reluctant readers and writers quickly and easily
  • Encourage students to publish illustrated books
  • Support student writing with prompts for plot, setting, character and personal response
  • Provide poetry, grammar, vocabulary, handwriting, video resources and  more
  • Motivate students to learn math in a fun way
  • Develop skills in fractions, geometry, measurement, problem solving and money with an online game
  • Use puzzles to teach math concepts
  • Engage students in the learning of mathematics through the use of manipulatives
  • Use the power of animations to explain difficult science concepts 
  • Have over 3400 no cost videos to teach K-12 math and science
  • Help teachers plan lessons with hundreds of teacher tools and templates, worksheets and professional development
  • Allow teachers to access thousands of lesson plans, teaching activities, on-demand video assets, and interactive games and simulations
  • and more… 

The first is a list of Language Arts WEBSITES.

Language Arts WEBSITES


The second is a list of Math and Science WEBSITES.


Math and Science WEBSITES






The third is a list of Lesson Planning WEBSITES

Lesson Planning WEBSITES






The fourth is a collection of Inspirational Quotes FOR TEACHERS

 Inspirational Quotes FOR TEACHERS





All 4 eBooks are free when you sign up for the Busy Educator Newsletter.

Do you have any favourite sites or quotes?

Please feel free to share them.

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