London Theatre Company Tackles Young Adults’ Dreams, Obsessions, Angst and Passions

Collin Glavac explains the inspiration for his new gamer play In Real Life.

Video trailer (1 minute 21 second) In Real Life.


For Immediate Release

Interviews with the troupe are available during the tech week rehearsal at the Arts project Theatre 10:30 AM to Noon on Tuesday August 11, or by arrangement.

Contact: Marjan Glavac

London Theatre Company Tackles Young Adults’ Dreams, Obsessions, Angst and Passions

A group of young talented Ontario actors take to the stage at The Arts Project with an original production titled In Real Life.

The play, written and produced by London born and raised Collin Glavac is a comedy that explores the life-changing power of video games and the role it plays in the lives of young adults. Each of the quirky personalities goes on a journey filled with flashbacks, choices, and fantasies.

It’s a crazy, comic, fast-paced adventure that confronts the many challenges of life faced by teens and their obsession with technology


There are all sorts on interesting oddities revealed in the characters – why Coby hordes people’s shoes, and why Darrel wears glasses (it may or may not have something to do with Superman).

In Real Life starring Nicola Franco Eduardo Di Martini

Nicola Franco and Eduardo DiMartino

Sebastian is a Sun Tzu quoting strategist obsessed with the videogame ‘Palace Allegiance.’ He is elitist, literal, serious, and ultimately the alpha male of the gaming world. Although he is the assumed leader of the group, he struggles to hold authority over his friends.

“Withholding information from the group is treason.” – Sebastian

While most would say ghosts and aliens are things of the imagination, Coby knows better. She is consistently on the lookout for devious works from beyond. Fortunately she has honed her brain to store and analyze data like a supercomputer. In fact, she thinks so quickly that her friends move in slow motion.

“This is the part in all the horror stories! The moment when the demon eats the adventurers one by one…” – Coby

Although Liam enjoys gaming with his roommates, he’s also in a committed relationship that plays a large part in his life. With work, his relationship, and the looming life decisions to come, Liam feels like he has to choose between his friends or his future.

“But maybe it’s time to move on. Maybe it’s time for me to grow up. That’s how it works, right?” – Liam

Darrel is a loveable meathead who has no idea how to play videogames. Although he has a vastly different personality from the others, he works hard to fit in and learn the culture needed to be a true part of the team ‘4ever.’ Sometimes his friends are even crazy enough to go along with his wild ideas.

“I’ve had like five concussions. And I turned out okay.” – Darrel

An unseen voice plays many roles throughout the play, but in particular gives life to Chad (the hated roommate) and the mysterious yet mothering videogame ‘Palace Allegiance.’ The game voice is always happy to explain to technical jargon for the audience and issue challenges to the team of ‘4ever.’

“You have been issued a challenge.” – Game Voice

In Real Life starring Collin Glavac Colin B Anthes 2

Collin Glavac and Colin Bruce Anthes

In Real Life has moments where characters drink alcohol, mention sex, and swear fluently.

In Real Life

Arts Project, 203 Dundas St. London ON

August 13, 14 &15, 7:30 pm and matinee on August 15 at 2 p.m.

Tickets: adults $15, students/seniors $12. Opening Night tickets $8.

Box Office 519.642.2767

Rated T for Teen by the ESRB.

For more information

Video trailer (1 minute 21 second) In Real Life

About the cast

Colin Bruce Anthes lives in St.Catharines. Anthes trained in the theatre performance program at Humber College, where he graduated with the Humber Theatre Award.

Collin Glavac is a graduate of Brock University, Dramatic Arts. Born and raised in London Ontario Collin attended Lester B. Pearson and Saunders Secondary School.

Eduardo Di Martino: is from Niagara Falls and a graduate of Humber College Devised/Physical Theatre Performance Program

Hayley Malouin is a recent graduate of the Dramatic Arts program at Brock University and a native of Markham.

Nicola Franco is a graduate of Brock University, Dramatic Arts. Born and raised in London Ontario Nicola attended Saunders Secondary School.

James McCoy, stage manager is a graduate from Brock University’s Dramatic Arts program and Production student at the National Theatre School of Canada. He hails from Hamilton.

In Real Life


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