Can A Skunk Help You Teach?

My backyard lawn is a mess.

There are holes everywhere. I had no idea where they came from.

One morning I opened the blinds to my patio door and saw a big old skunk tearing up my backyard lawn.

That skunk was as big as a dog.

It just kept moving from one spot in the lawn to the next. Each time it had its nose into my lawn making huge holes.

She was searching for food. It was grubs in my lawn.

My wife told me to make sure she didn’t come back.

We have a wooden fence that encloses the yard.There are holes underneath parts of the fence. I plugged all the holes I could find with rocks and thick branches.

Nothing was going to get through. I was sure of it.

The next morning, the big old skunk came back.

She was having a great time eating all the grubs she could find.

I plugged up all the holes again.

The next day I watched as that big old skunk just dug away and dug away and dug away, until she removed the obstacle in her path.

She dug right underneath my thick tree branch, and threw it out of her way.

I was impressed.

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