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Classroom Management – Discipline and Behaviour Problems


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Dr. Harry WongThe First Days of School: How to Be an Effective Teacher (Paperback)
by Harry K. Wong, Rosemary T. Wong

...You are going to have one of the greatest educational experiences of your life. We will not only study (subject), but I will also share with you some life-skill traits that will help you to be successful in tomorrow's world. I can assure you that if you should run into me at the shopping mall 25 years from now, you will say, "You were right, Mr. Wong.

That was the most memorable, exciting, and fascinating class I ever had." 25 years from now, if I have the good fortune of running into Harry Wong in a shopping mall, I will say "You were right, Mr. Wong. That was the most memorable, exciting and fascinating book on classroom management I ever read." And it is.

This is a well organized book with built in chapter reviews. The following five units are covered in the book: A) Basic Understandings - The Teacher. The successful teacher must know and practice the three characteristics of an effective teacher; B) First Characteristic - Positive Expectations. The effective teacher has positive expectations for student success. C) Second Characteristic - Classroom Management. The effective teacher is an extremely good classroom manager. D) Third Characteristic - Lesson Mastery.

The effective teacher knows how to design lessons to help students reach mastery. E) Future Understandings - The Professional. The teacher who constantly learns and grows becomes a professional educator. This book is for any teacher who wants to improve their teaching through better classroom management.

There are sections on how to use the book; how to get quickly to the meat of the book; why you need this book and what this book will teach you. Two words caught my eye: help and free. Wong describes help as: there is no one way to teach; there are no pat answers, quick fixes, or foolproof plans for teaching; what you need to do is continually try and learn. Wong explains free as: implementation of the techniques suggested costs no extra money; learning the techniques suggested requires no extra in-service training. You can do everything in you own time and at your own pace. Money and materials cannot buy an ideal learning environment.

Only YOU can provide that environment. Wong states taht by the next decade, there will have been an 80 percent turnover of teachers. for veteran teachers, this is a challenge, a charge, a mission to leave a legacy of positive expectations for new teachers; for new teachers, this is a challenge, a change, a mission to create a revolutionary change in the cultural attitude of teachers. Which teacher are you? For those helping teachers become effective teachers, an eight part video series The Effective Teacher is also available. The videos do a great job complementing units in the book.

The following is a Scope and Sequence of The Effective Teacher:

Part 1: The Effective Teacher - 32 minutes * How to use research-based practices to be a happy, effective teacher

Part 2: The First Days of School - 36 minutes * How to invite students to succeed

Part 3: Discipline and Procedures - 36 minutes * How to have a well-managed classroom

Part 4: Procedures and Routines - 55 minutes * How to have students follow classroom procedures

Part 5: Cooperative Learning and Culture - 47 minutes * How to prepare your students for tomorrow's world

Part 6: Lesson Mastery - 33 minutes * How to increase student learning and achievement

Part 7: The Professional Educator - 41 minutes * How to become a professional

Part 8: Positive Expectations - 20 minutes * How to increase positive student behavior

Although the tapes are expensive for the average teacher, it's an investment well worth the cost for your education board or district.

One of our superintendents at the Thames Valley District School Board (Gerry Treble) ordered them, and their popularity with teachers over the summer was incredible!


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