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Here’s a site that’s guaranteed to motivate students to read and write mysteries. With only five main sections, the site is simple and easy to teach students how to use it.

The Solve It section contains short easy to read mystery stories with a multiple choice question at the end of each story. Pick one and find out if your answer is correct. If not, there’s another clue. If you do pick the right answer, there’s a poll as to how many other people picked the same or different answer. A detailed solution explains how the detectives figured out who done it.

The Quick Solve section also contains short easy to read mystery stories. The difference here is that the solution is explained to the reader at the end of the story. For teachers, it’s a great section to teach the structure of a mystery.

The Chiller section contains longer stories of up to four pages in length. This section is suitable for upper elementary students.

The Mysteries by Kids section contains winning stories from MysteryNet’s writing contest written by kids.

Finally, what would a mystery website be without a little bit of magic? You can find the following five magic tricks: loose thumb, vanishing coin trick, the four robbers, hank stand-up and like a hole in the head.

For teachers of older students and for adults, there are all kinds of links to the parent website:

Teachers can find lesson plans and ideas, and more in depth activities on the whole mystery genre.


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Click Here for: …simple teaching tips and simple teaching strategies that are easy to  apply to any classroom situation.!






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