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Your Basic Guide to Acing Any Teacher Interview

Teacher interviews are not rock science. Indeed if you are wondering why you are having trouble getting past your first teacher position interview or if you are not getting beyond the application submission phase, then I can help you.

Remember that, the methods of getting an interview will vary from school to school and I want to give you some advice on how to choose your approach. Depending on your area of expertise asnd level of experience, teaching jobs can be extremely difficult to secure.  My audio piece will will descibe the essentials and for a structured plan I would like to suggest that you read my book.

Whether you are looking for sample teacher interview questions and answers, sample teacher resumes and cover letters, or still need to get the interview have come to the right place.


LOOK at some of the information you will find inside:
  • 25 practice questions that interviewers are sure to ask.
  • 7 questions that recruiters are NOT allowed to ask.
  • 12 questions YOU may want to ask the interviewer to let them know you're serious about getting this job.
  • The 5 most common methods of applying for a teaching job and the proper etiquette for each.
  • Discover the wrong words to use when writing a cover letter and how to find the right ones.
  • Learn what you must have with you when sitting down with your interviewer.
  • Learn the appropriate way to follow up with an interview.
  • Learn the resume mistakes that make recruiters furious.
  • Learn what must be in your resume if you are to be taken seriously.
  • Learn 17 areas in which your interviewer will be judging you.
  • Learn 3 sets of skills that a potential employer will expect you to have.
  • Realize your bad speaking habits before your interviewer does... so you can eliminate them before you go in!


Table of Contents

  • About the Author
  • Introduction
  • Your Resume
  • The Cover Letter
  • How To Get the Interview
  • Preparing For the Interview
  • How Should I Act?
  • What Administrators Are Looking For
  • Your First Impression
  • Dos and Don’ts
  • Common Interview Questions
  • Questions You Should Ask Your Interviewer
  • Questions Employers Can’t Ask
  • Closing The Interview & The Post Interview Follow Up
  • The Restaurant Interview
  • Last Minute Tips
  • Summary
  • Appendix A: Sample Resume


A successful person believes that every job interview is the most important interview.

There's no reason not to ace every single one of them. Why not have several schools competing for your employment? You can outright take advantage of the fact that most people just don't know what is expected of them when showing up for interviews.

But you will when you read my ebook, Your Basic Guide To Acing ANY Teacher Interview You may still feel nervous - but you will be much more confident knowing that you are well-prepared for whatever the interviewer is going to throw your way.

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